Cylindrical Tanks


cylindrical tanks

Bolted steel cylindrical tanks are manufactured in aluminium, galvanised and stainless steel. The range of materials on offer provides customers with cost effective and project specific options in the fire protection, potable and irrigation water storage sectors.

The process of

Cylindrical steel tanks

Bolting sectional tank panels together eliminates the need for costly site welding and thick reinforced concrete base structures
Cylindrical tank kits are conveniently packed onto pallets to create minimum cubic capacity and reduce shipping costs
Standard Balmoral panels are held in stock enabling quick delivery
Pre-installed liner sealed tanks can be re-located quickly and at minimal expense

Tank capacities

PIPECO offers an extensive range of cylindrical tanks. Vitually unlimited dimensions and capacities allows clients to select a design for their specific application. These options provide the flexibility to increase the tank height and reduce the diameter while maintaining the volume if the footprint is an issue. Alternatively, the diameter can be increased and height reduced if required

Architecture Design

Two types of tank sealant are offered, liner and mastic; the most common being the liner sealed design. The inside of the tank shell is lined with a synthetic EPDM, reinforced PVC or butyl rubber liner. The purpose of the liner is to separate the water from the tank shell. The concrete base and shell are also lined with geo-textile matting to provide additional protection against damage to the liner.

Corrosion protection

tank shell

PIPECO’S cylindrical tank shell design is manufactured using pre-mill galvanized steel, with 305g/m² of zinc coating each side. On occasion, where heavier designs are required, the sheets will be hot dipped galvanized with more than 610g/m² zinc coating on either side. For specialized applications aluminium and stainless steel tank options are available.

All PIPECO tank fittings, flanges and accessories are also hot dipped galvanized as standard with options of epoxy or polyester coatings available. The galvanized coating of the tank shell along with the options of an epoxy performance coating for such applications as potable water or polyester coatings for aesthetic requirements guarantee long durability, low maintenance and extended life-cycle costs of the tank shell. Colour options for the epoxy or polyester coatings are available if required.

On standard galvanized tank designs, the coating of the tank shell doesn’t mean a reduction of the galvanized zinc coatings, the epoxy and polyester coatings are in addition to the galvanizing process.

Corrosion protection

tank components

Galvanized roof purlins are kept out of the stored water to extend the life of the tank roof cover. All nuts, bolts and washers are spun galvanized coated, structural components such as top and bottom angles, wind stiffeners and access manways are hot dipped galvanized with in excess of 610g/m² of zinc coating.