GRP Water Tank Accessories

A water tank stands as an indispensable fixture in numerous households and industries, furnishing a reliable stream of water that serves diverse functions like drinking, cleaning, and irrigation. Although a significant portion of these tanks is fashioned from materials like plastic or concrete, the ascending popularity of GRP (Glass Reinforced Plastic) water tanks is attributed to their advantages over conventional substances. Within this blog post, we will delve into the realm of GRP water tank accessories currently accessible in the market, and elucidate how they can enhance the utility of your tank. Join us as we embark on a journey to uncover these accessories!

GRP water tank

Several crucial accessories for GRP water tanks have the potential to significantly enhance convenience. A tank cover stands as a practical solution to maintain your tank’s cleanliness and shield it from leaves and detritus. Furthermore, a basic cover can contribute to temperature regulation, keeping the tank cooler during the warmer summer periods.

For individuals residing in regions with hard water, a water softener can prove to be immensely beneficial. It plays a pivotal role in averting mineral accumulation within your tank and pipes, while simultaneously enhancing the taste of your water. In addition, opting for a UV filter can be a prudent choice, as it serves to neutralize any bacteria present in the water.

Lastly, for those aiming to utilize their tank during the winter months, contemplating the acquisition of a tank heater is advisable. This device guarantees the maintenance of a steady internal water temperature, rendering the water safe for use throughout the entire year.

Incorporating a water tank into your residence or enterprise is a commendable approach to securing a dependable water supply regardless of weather conditions. However, optimizing the utility of your water tank mandates prudent investment in suitable accessories. Ranging from GRP water tank outlets and overflows to valves and gauges, a multitude of accessories are at your disposal to streamline your installation. Within this blog post, we will delve into the array of GRP water tank accessories, elucidating how they can enhance the efficiency of your setup. Continue reading to gain a deeper understanding!

What are GRP water tanks?

GRP water tanks are sizeable plastic containers commonly employed for water storage, particularly for purposes like irrigation. Characterized by their predominant white hue, these tanks possess a capacity exceeding 100 gallons. Generally encompassing a lid, they may also feature a spigot to facilitate effortless refilling.

The benefits of GRP water tanks

Embarking on the installation of a GRP water tank comes with a multitude of advantages, encompassing the subsequent points:

  1. Increased water storage capacity – The incorporation of a GRP water tank augments the storage capability of your premises, consequently providing a heightened water reservoir for regular consumption or to address unforeseen emergencies.
  2. Improved water quality – The material employed in the construction of GRP tanks is inert and devoid of chemical leaching into the stored water, thus signifying an enhancement in the water’s quality.
  3. Enhanced durability – GRP tanks exhibit exceptional durability, showcasing resilience against adverse weather conditions and even fire-related harm. This feature renders them a perfect fit for a diverse array of settings, encompassing both residential and commercial domains.
  4. Reduced maintenance – Unlike various other tank variants, GRP tanks obviate the necessity for frequent maintenance, affording substantial time and cost savings in the long term.

The different types of GRP water tank accessories

A plethora of diverse accessories can be utilized in conjunction with GRP water tanks. Some of these encompass:

  1. Tank lids: These hold significance in thwarting evaporation and deterring debris entry into the tank. Additionally, they offer practical utility by facilitating access to the tank for cleaning and maintenance purposes.
  2. Tank liners: These serve as a protective partition between the water and the tank walls, acting as a deterrent against leaks and upholding water cleanliness.
  3. Overflow pipes: These enable surplus water to be discharged from the tank, effectively averting overflow situations.
  4. Drainage valves: These facilitate the deliberate drainage of water from the tank when necessary, such as during cleaning or maintenance procedures.
  5. Pump systems: These mechanisms facilitate the circulation of water within the tank and can be employed to refill the tank from an external origin, like a borehole or a river.

How to choose the right GRP water tank accessories

Several factors necessitate consideration when selecting the appropriate accessories for your GRP water tank. Foremost among these is the tank’s size, which plays a pivotal role in determining the requisite accessories. Subsequently, your intended use of the tank assumes importance. If the tank’s purpose involves storing drinking water, the accessories required will differ from those essential for irrigation or general storage applications.

The quintessential accessory for any GRP water tank is undeniably a cover, primarily serving to ward off debris and prevent animals from entering the water. Additionally, if your tank usage encompasses drinking water, contemplating the inclusion of a liner is prudent. This liner will effectively contribute to sustaining the water’s cleanliness and preserving its fresh taste.

Should your GRP water tank find application in irrigation, the inclusion of a pump becomes imperative. With a plethora of pump varieties at your disposal, it’s crucial to opt for one renowned for durability and capable of managing the volume of water you intend to pump. Furthermore, acquiring hose attachments is essential, as they enable seamless connection of the pump to your watering system.

In your pursuit of selecting accessories for your GRP water tank, it is imperative to thoroughly weigh these factors. By doing so, you can ensure optimal utilization and maximum benefit from your investment.


We trust that this article has furnished you with valuable insights into the diverse array of available GRP water tank accessories and their respective functions. Whether you seek a novel filter system or aim to uphold your tank’s insulation, an array of options awaits your selection. Prior to making any acquisitions, diligent research is key, so be sure to meticulously compare prices and features before settling on the accessory that aligns best with your needs. Armed with these pointers, we extend our best wishes for your endeavor to discover the ideal GRP water tank accessory!

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