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internal tie-rod tank

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external tie-rod tank

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Sustainable Design, high quality and duarability


GRP Sectional Water Storage Tanks’ panels are obtained from the process of chopped fiberglass and unsaturated polyester resin under high pressure and temperature. 

Panels are manufactured at high tonnage press which molders heated up to 150 oC. Smooth, highly resistant and cured panels are obtained through high molding and manufacturing technology. 

PIPECO GRP panels are WRAS approved, which represents the highest global standards. Panels are also tested by TSE, in terms of health and nutrition regulations. GRP Panels are UV stabilized; therefore do not allow algea growing inside the tank.

  • GRP is not only non-adhesive, simple to work with, but it is also clean.
  • GRP can be mounted on high temperature molds, and through high pressure from large hydraulic press, it can produce products with subtle surface and high strength.
  • GRP has constant length of glass fiber contents, l-inch fiber, uniform mechanical strength, and high fallibility and fluidity.

Surface of GRP panels can be insulated by polyurethane coating as an option.
Insulation material doesn’t contain neither CFC nor HCFC.

  • Surface of GRP is smooth and graceful, and GRP can shorten finishing procedure as it has excellent coating.
  • GRP can easily correct deformities with rib, boss, and insert unlike the traditional use of RFP.
  • GRP can form molds with different thicknesses and has high mechanical strength.

water tank

grp panel


Physical properties of GRP Panel

  • The panel of GRP water tank is designed to maximize the stability against deformation and stress by the finite element method, and it shows excellent structural strength compared to general circular design.
  • GRP panel is molded by high temperature and high pressure by hydraulic press to maintain the best water pressure resistance and there is no dimensional deviation due to temperature change.



  • WIDTH : 300m 
  • Height : above 500mm
  • Space : 1m(center to center)
  •  Outer Size : (W+300mm)x(L+400mm)


Standard of Base Concrete PAD Installation and Space.
– For maintainence of GRP tank, it needs extra space at least 600mm – 1000mm from the wall and 1000 mm from ceilling. 


– As using foaming type sealant tape which is excellent water proof & force of restitution, maintains perfect non-leakage of the water tank. The concave drain panel facilities complete and quick drainage.

Strength & Durability of GRP Water Tank

Drawing of the Panel Joint Part / Corner Part

Composition of Insulation Panel
  • Excellent insulation of GRP Material itself with Eco Friendly Polyurethane heat insulation material prevents freeze & water condensation.
  •  There is non-woven fabric with excellent adhesion inside GRP insulated panel, ensuring shape stability of panel throughout longer time periods. 
  •  GRP insulated panel with 4 layers structure ensures excellent insulating effect.
  •  Thickness of insulated panel: 40~50mm

During the time when the water temerature decreases from 5° to 0°

* Test Condition
a. Tank is filled with water 
b. No further water supply, or drainage during test

Partition Type Water Tank

– It is possible to eliminate unusable space, and utilize the maximum space, by installing a partition type tank. Economical and effective for maintainence. 

Special Feature

  • Utilizing Maximum Capacity
    In the basement or other confines areas, it is possible to eliminate unuseable space, and utilize the maximum space, by installing a partition type tank.
  • Various Uses
    If partition type tanks are installed, once section can be used for drinking water, and the other section for service water (Ex. fire fighting).
  • Easy Maintainence
    It is convenient for maintainence, because two tanks can be installed as one unit.
  • Cost Effectiveness
    The cost and installation of 1 partition tank is cheaper than 2 separate tanks.


    Partition Installation

(Non Partition Type)

(Partition Type)

Effective for Partition Water Tank System

  • If tanks for two different uses are needed in a confined area or machine room, a 120 ton partition type tank can be installed to use half drinking water, and half for service water. If separate tanks are installed, however, you have to installed two tanks with a maximum of 52 tons, because you need to have 1 meter distance between tanks for maintenance and operating space. 
  • Height of water tank 2.5mH
    Height of water tank 4m,
    GRP Sectional Panel, Putting water to 85% of water tank height,
    Earthquake-Proof Strength 5.0
  • Result of skid strength review (Safety Factor 2.0)

Maintenance Control

– To keep the tank clean and ensure its safe use, please perform the following inspection and maintenance work.
– PIPECO KOREA Panel tanks are designed and manufactured for long term service. Maintenance and inspection, a proper space must be secured around water tanks.


Maintenance Control

- User regulation maintenance Items

- Installation and caution